1. Please call or SMS me to inform.

All customers are seriously advised to attach your sample baju (esp: baju kurung moden) or select from the standard size given.

2. Payment

Please inform me via sms or call 1 day before as reminder (when I need to return post/self pick up date). Once your baju is ready, I will SMS my account no. (Maybank or CIMB). Please make full payment into my account.

3. Postage Cost

  • Postage cost kain (+sample baju) to me : borne by the customer
  • Postage baju (+sample baju) to customer : borne by myself
BUT!!! If the customer send their kain by hand and request to return by post, all postage cost will be borne by the customer. The rule is simple. Win win situation.

4. Address

  • By post or by hand :
                              AAJ ASSOCIATES S/B
                              2B, 2nd Floor
                              Jalan Tengku Ampuan ZAbedah A9/A
                              Seksyen 9, 40000 Shah Alam
                              Selangor Darul Ehsan

  • By hand only :
                              No. 31 Lorong Kerongsang 10A
                              Bandar Puteri
                              41200 Klang
                              Selangor Darul Ehsan